COVID-19: Reluctantly we have taken the decision to temporarily close the school until Monday 17 May 2021 when hopefully London will be free of any restrictions. We are now taking bookings again. Rules and procedures will still be in place to protect students and staff. Social distancing may not be possible all of the time so masks or face visors may have to be worn when inside the school. Students are able to cancel their booking and get a full refund anytime before the course start date.

Are you looking to start a new exciting career as a cocktail bartender? Perhaps you just want to learn the skills so you can earn money whilst travelling. Or maybe you just fancy learning something new and cool to show off at parties!We can transform you from a complete beginner into a fully trained professional ready to work in a cocktail bar in just 4 weeks. We can even get you that job you’re looking for.

Our top-level training will equip you with all of the skills and knowledge enabling you to stand out and feel totally at ease behind a busy working cocktail bar. Don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews.

If you have some basic bar experience but have never had any formal training then our course is also perfect for you as you will learn everything from the essentials to more advanced mixology and bartending techniques step by step.

Since 2003 the London Bar School has been training bartenders with the most up to date relevant techniques and recipes. Our course programme constantly evolves and is updated regularly to keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Our 4 week long International Bartending Diploma course is held in the centre of London just minutes from King’s Cross. It costs £1095.00 and is also available with Central London hostel accommodation for those who do not live in London.

Choose the London Bar School if you want to be the very best AND have great fun whilst learning.

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6 Reasons to choose us

4 weeks gives you enough time to absorb the knowledge and perfect your skills through lots of practice. You simply cannot become a bartender in only 1 week. At the end of our course you will feel confident behind the bar and ready to start working.
1. We offer a four week course.
You will be taught by 3 highly skilled teachers who will help you and push you to achieve your very best. We never have more than 18 students in a class so you will get a lot of one to one personal tuition every day.
2. 3 expert teachers for up to 18 students
We can help you write your résumé/CV, arrange interviews and personally recommend you to employers looking for skilled staff. Our training is highly respected in the industry, so having our International Bartending Diploma will get you into great jobs at amazing bars.
3. We can help you get the job you want.
Unlike other schools, our training is updated 2 or 3 times a year. As cocktail fashions and tastes change, customers expect bars to follow. Our recipes and techniques keep up with the latest trends so that you will always be up to date and usually ahead of the rest.
4. Our training is constantly updated
Don’t be fooled into thinking the most expensive is the best. It isn’t! We are a small school with a great reputation charging the right price. Our passion motivates us, not the price. Our course works out at only £57 per day. Outstanding value for outstanding training.
5. We charge very reasonable prices
With our International Bartending Diploma on your CV, you will be amazed at the job offers you will get around the world. Over the last 16 years our ex-students have been working in the world’s best bars spreading our excellent reputation and training standards globally.
6. Our diploma is globally recognized.

What Our Students Have Said

The Course


Our International Bartending Diploma course runs for 4 weeks and is held in central London at the Chapel Bar in Angel. Classes run for approximately 6 hours a day, Monday to Friday 9:45 to 16:00. A reasonable spoken and reading knowledge of English is required.

The course is for both beginners with no experience and for those who have some basic bartending skills. The emphasis of the course is to get you behind the bar making drinks rather than sitting behind a desk. This is the best way to gain confidence and feel comfortable behind a bar.

Throughout the 4 weeks you will learn the following:

Over 80 Cocktails


Learning both classic and contemporary cocktails, our recipes teach you the original methods and the latest variations of the most famous and important cocktails in the world, as they should be.


bartender classes freepouring

The ability to pour alcohol accurately without using any measuring devices. You will learn a whole variety of amazing pouring techniques using up to 4 bottles at a time.

Preparation techniques

Shaking, mixing, layering, blending, stirring, straining, double straining, reverse dry shaking, muddling, rinsing, churning, rimming & building

Product knowledge

Learn about all of the main alcohols that are most commonly used. History, brand knowledge, production methods and tastings. Including vodka, gin, rum, whisky, brandy, tequila, liqueurs, beers and Champagne.

Bar set-up & breakdown

Learn how to set-up a cocktail bar for a busy service and how to clean it down at the end of the night.

Glassware & bar tools

Discover the range of glasses used in cocktail bars as well as all of the tools and equipment that can be found in the bar.


Learn a range of decorations and garnishes to enhance the look, the smell and the flavour of your drinks.

Customer service skills

Bartending course - service

Great customer service is key to being a successful bartender. Learn how to deal with most situations that may arise during service.

Sales techniques

bartender course - upsell

It is important to be able to recommend and encourage your customers to try new and better products.

Hygiene and safety

bartender training hygiene

Learn about maintaining excellent levels of hygiene and working safely in a busy environment.


bartender training - flair

An introduction to working flair taught by one of Europe’s top flair masters, including a DVD of what you will learn.

plus lots more…

bartender diploma - tricks

Efficient working practices, speed bartending, bar tricks, bar layout, types of ice, bar-backing, style, presentation.

Not everybody learns things at the same pace, so we monitor and test all students to identify anyone who may need some extra help or tuition.

In the last week of the course you will sit a written examination, take a practical cocktail making examination and perform a free-pouring examination. The marks from these 3 tests will make up your final course result, with passes ranging from a basic pass (E, over 65%) to an outstanding pass (A+, over 95%).

Graduation drinks and a dinner will be had upon completion of the course followed by presentation of your diploma.

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Many people choose to book the course with accommodation included, as it’s an ideal way of bonding with your fellow students and a lot more sociable. However if you would prefer to make your own arrangements you can just book the course on its own.

You will be staying at the Astor Museum Hostel in Bloomsbury, Central London for the duration of the course. The hostel is located in a very central and safe area which is only a ten-minute walk from the bars and clubs of Soho and Covent Garden. Just down the road are Oxford Street, Bond Street and Regent Street for those of you who love to shop. The bar where your course is held is only a 10-minute bus ride away.

The accommodation comprises of mixed rooms that sleep from 4 to 8 people in bunk beds with secure lockable storage in every room. The accommodation is clean and secure with breakfast included. Whenever possible we shall endeavour to ensure that all of your roommates are from your course.

The hostel can also accommodate you at very good rates after completion of the course if you need somewhere to stay temporarily whilst looking for an apartment to rent.

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If you want to contact our former students or look at the latest pictures check out our Facebook Group here.

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Prices and Dates


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international bartending diploma

4 week course
    • Start:  17 May 2021 End:  10 Jun 2021
    • Start:  28 Jun 2021 End:  22 Jul 2021

international bartending diploma + 28 nights hostel

4 week course + hostel accommodation
      • Check-in:  16 May 2021 Check-out:  13 Jun 2021
      • Check-in:  27 Jun 2021 Check-out:  25 Jul 2021

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What’s included in the price?

4 weeks practical and theoretical tuition by an expert teacher with 16 years teaching and bartending experience, plus 2 assistant instructors

An introduction to the art of working flair by one of Europe’s top flair experts

An exclusive 85 page London Bar School reference manual to keep

Three examinations in theory, cocktail making and free-pouring

A graded International Bartending Diploma

A graduation party night with dinner and cocktails

All writing and study materials

Job seeking assistance or placement – according to ability

Optional: 28 nights Central London hostel accommodation in shared rooms

always up to date
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The Chapel Bar, 29 Penton Street, London N1 9PX, UK